Who We Are

The National Federation of the Blind of Massachusetts has thriving chapters in Cambridge (metro Boston) and Springfield, and members from across the state.  We have a vibrant group of blind students who attend high schools and colleges, both private and public.  We are parents, teachers, lawyers, social workers, entrepreneurs and many other successful people--who just happen to be blind.  We all work together to support each other and improve the lives of blind people all over the commonwealth.  We hope to see you at one of our events soon!

Accomplishments And Initiatives

  • Earned the rite for blind people to purchase life insurance at the same rate as sighted people.
  • Passed a braille bill that protects the rights of blind children to obtain braille instruction.
  • Successfully advocated to allow blind people to vote privately and independently.
  • Improved accessibility of ATMs and bank websites.
  • Increased accessibility of Monster.com.
  • Improved access to ITunes for blind people.
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